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Help your business to Stand out from the crowd


"Cause your life story is a brand and it is as unique as you are!

Use your brand story to inspire others!" 

                                                         Dana Ohana  


A brand is what identifies you, and, most often that is the perception of what others have of you. It is not about what we tell people about who we are but rather the perception we create in the mind of others. A brand tells a story, what is the story you want to tell?

Everything we do contributes to the perception that is created. 

Building a brand is about understanding how others perceive us and then model our behaviours and actions in order to convey the image we would like them to see and experience.  Telling the right story so that we can reach out and connect with the relevant people. Think about friendship, you meet someone new, he tells you a story about himself, you observe and if you feel the connection to his brand he becomes your new friend.

A brand is a promise and therefore it is critical to keep that promise in order to maintain and uphold the brand. Your product is how we deliver on the promise, in personal branding the product is us, our appearance, behaviour, actions, so if go back to the friendship example, our friends staying there because we deliver our brand promise, the moment we will stop they can decide not to stay. So what are you promising and how do you ensure that you build a brand that can keep its promise?

If you want to learn more about creating and building your own personal and business check out our online course and/or book with us a consultation meeting. 

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After you define your target audience/ market, define your brand story and got your own brand identity it is time to move to the next step which is: share my story. How do you share it? Where? For that you need to use the different marketing platfroms and tactics. Using it right will help you with: 

* Brand Awareness 

* Generate more business leads 

* Build relationships 

* Acquire new clients


The main marketing tactic today is social media, since it allows:

* Allow people to easily find you

* Reach out to more potential clients in one place

* Establish your brand 

* Generate more leads 

* Partner / collaborate with other influencers 

* Engage with more potential clients 

* Build relationships 

* Improve communication with your target audience / market

* Promote your content 


If you want to learn how to sare your story, how to use social media the right way for your to benefit from everything it's got to offer book with us a consultation meeting and stay posted about our new oline course we will be launching in the up coming week.  



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Big. Course comes in both languages: English and Hebrew.


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I am an Israeli who relocated to South Africa, if you would ever asked me if I would relocate to a different country I would tell you NEVER!

But when I got the proposal I just knew I need to say yes, my first call was to my mom that immediately said yes. I came here as a Marketing Manager which was an amazing experience, but during this time my mom got sick and I found myself flying a lot from one country to another, when my mom died I decided to stay and I founded ‘Big. Consulting’, felt like it is my time to share my knowledge and experience and empower female entrepreneurs.


I come with 10 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relation in South Africa and abroad. I have B.A degree in Communications & Management and M.B.A master's degree in Business Management/ Major in marketing & advertising. My belief is that we are all brands, and we are all unique and we all have a story to share, the story that got us to where we are now. I am here to share my story, share the love, the different way of looking at things.


I am a branding and social media expert, my belief is that we are all brands, and we are all unique and we all have a story to share, the story that got us to where we are now. I help my clients to create their own personal brand by telling their story, building their own community >> building relationships by solving the problem and not by selling a product/ service  >> building trust while using social media the right way.


There is a lovely saying I always use to describe myself:

"The shortest  distance between two people is a smile."

                                                                    Victor Borge 



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Want to learn more about social media, branding and other marketing topics?


Check out my YouTube channel, the place for you to learn how to become a BIG BRANDER! 


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